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Using non-invasive treatments ranging from -200 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit, the team at Broward Cryotherapy aim to help their clients recover more quickly from injuries or surgery and reduce pain. The body is exposed to freezing temperatures for up to three minutes, and sessions can burn 600-800 calories and lead to increased adrenaline and endorphins while at the same time boosting the immune system and blood circulation.

The dry air used in the cryotherapy chamber can reduce muscle temperatures without compromising the skin, and keeps muscles cold even after skin returns to its normal temperature. Additional positive effects of treatments may include decreased soreness, fatigue, or pain from arthritis, as well as tighter and healthier skin.

What is Cryotherapy?

What if I told you that you would be able to look younger and feel better daily and it would only take a few mins to do this? Well now there is this revolutionary new therapy called Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a treatment in which very cold temperatures are exposed to the body in order to promote healing and many other therapeutic results. These ultra-low temperatures, trigger a systemic anti-inflammatory response, thus making your skin smoother, more even toned, regain elasticity and improve skin deficiencies.

Cryotherapy has been shown to decrease inflammation of the body’s muscles and help improve your body’s circulation while also slowing down cellular metabolism. Cryotherapy can help to reduce pain and muscle spasms in the body as well as reduce the swelling of injuries. It has also been shown to promote faster healing in joint and tendon injuries. Cryotherapy is known to increase your energy due to the endorphin release which has been linked to aiding in the cure of depression.

Some of the many benefits of Cryotherapy include but not limited to:


  • Train Harder and Longer
  • Faster Recovery from Training
  • Improve Joint Function
  • Heal Injuries/Restore Muscles
  • Increase Athletic Performance
  • Decrease Fatigue
  • Increase Stamina
  • Tendonitis relief


  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Improve Circulation
  • Faster Post Surgical Recovery Time
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost Immune System
  • Relieves chronic pain


  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Minimize Stretch Marks
  • Burn 500-800 calories
  • Smoother, tighter skin
  • Weight Managemnt
  • Improve Skin Disorders